Sunday, 18 September 2011

Milana & Jacob

I found this video over at Green Wedding Shoes and it is the sweetest! I love hearing how this couple got together, and how Jacob proposed!

Monday, 12 September 2011

sydney flower markets

So for flowers, we have decided to go to the sydney flower markets sometime during the week of the wedding to get everything! I love the idea of getting up before sunrise and driving down to gather buckets upon buckets of fresh flowers... (i doubt i will love it that close to the wedding though ;)


Now that we have paid for flights and accommodation, all we have to do is plan activites :)
So looking forward to elephant riding in koh samui...

i was just looking through previous posts and realised i have now done two separate posts on photographer Jose Villa. Shows how great his work is ;)

for funsies...

Sunday, 11 September 2011

What a dress!

I saw this blog recently and instantly loved the look of this tiny wedding!
The dress is beauitful, and the fact that their ceremony was on the top of a cliff - beautiful!!!
The photos are incredible! Sometimes I wish I was planning a tiny wedding for 20 people so we could all stand in an amazing location, with a solid wooden table for our lunch, and fun decorations and games!

Jose Villa

We have booked our photographer! But if Jose Villa was in Australia, he would be my first choice!!! I love love love all of the photos on his site. It might help that I love all the decorations and settings of the weddings he has photographed... but  i just love his website!

Here is one wedding that is sooo beautiful!
I especially love the lavender fields.

To see more, visit his website!