Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I am leaving for my hens 'weekend' today. Pretty excited, also a bit nervous as to what games my bridesmaids have planned. We are heading to Avoca Beach for two nights. A few of my closest friends... in a house... at avoca :)

 Praying for the weather to change since the forecast is looking so sad :(

Sunday, 13 November 2011

wedding toms

TOMS. One for one. Every pair bought, means a new pair of shoes to a child in need.
Wedding toms. Interesting. Fun. Comfortable. But would i wear them? I havn't decided yet. I think they are SUPER cute, and they would be cute in winter, but maybe not summer... hmmph

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

no 'moe'

Jorge has facial hair. I think its pretty fine, but when thinking about what hairstyle J should have for the wedding, is facial hair the way to go? I think we may go stubble for the wedding. Short but sweet, not fuzzy or anything out of the ordinary like a moustache.
Everytime J shaves/trims his beard he leaves a moustache... i think he likes my reaction, or the character he becomes with a mexican or thin french moustache. I'm not the biggest fan.

But since its nearly November, J can participate in Movember and then shave it off closer to the wedding.
How can i say no when these babies look so cute!

found here.

fondant & flowers

Jorge and I have just been to design our wedding cake. The lady making our cake was super lovely and i think our cake is quite simple compared to some of the photos of cakes we looked through! But im soo excited. She was pretty opened to whatever we wanted so we planned it all, she drew a draft... and that's that. Probably one of the easiest parts of planning this wedding :)
Here are some cakes we like... kinda like our inspiration board for our cake.

Monday, 10 October 2011


So Ive heard that passport applications are super annoying and that they really need to be perfect to be accepted by the post office people, but Jorge and I had our 'interview/appointment' at the post office today and i found that it went fine! The lady who served me was super lovely, and when she pointed out that the guarantor section was not complete, she mentioned that it had to be done by the guarantor herself, but winked at me saying that im welcome to get it filled out and come back in in five minutes. So the process was quick and easy... i'd recommend Hornsby post office to anyone doing theres anytime soon.

I also seem to have been under the wrong impression that a passport would take like 3 months to come, so i've been stressing a little bit about getting it done, but found out today that it'll be at my place in 3 weeks. How delightful :)

So things are getting done! This wedding is getting closer and closer and im getting more and more excited :)

Thailand, here we come!

destination weddings anyone?

I just found this site ByeByeBride and it just sends me dreaming. I was never one to picture my wedding a 'destination wedding', but since being engaged I've often wished that J and I chose to have a destination wedding with just our closest family and friends. Maybe I just have a travel bug, but these venues are perfect!







Sunday, 9 October 2011

Max & Margaux

Isn't this wedding just so beautiful!  I found it over at Oncewed.
I just love all the DIY decorations included, and the bright colours. So much fun.


I love this! I feel like the royal wedding was so formal that fun things like a photobooth with moustache's could never be included.  

my sister's engaged!

(So this happened on Saturday, but ive been pretty busy all weekend to post about it)
My sister, Megan is now engaged.
We knew it was going to happen for a while, but its official now, and is so exciting!
I wonder what her wedding will be like?

Maybe a little afternoon tea like this?

Or a big party with everyone invited?

I look forward to hearing her ideas :)

gift registry

Each weekend, J and i have been getting more and more of the 'little' details for the wedding organised. This weekend we did our gift registry! It was a bit of fun, going through Myer with the scanner/beeper thing... picking out a few products we need, and others we dream about having...
Here's a sneak peak of a few of my favourites: