Monday, 10 October 2011


So Ive heard that passport applications are super annoying and that they really need to be perfect to be accepted by the post office people, but Jorge and I had our 'interview/appointment' at the post office today and i found that it went fine! The lady who served me was super lovely, and when she pointed out that the guarantor section was not complete, she mentioned that it had to be done by the guarantor herself, but winked at me saying that im welcome to get it filled out and come back in in five minutes. So the process was quick and easy... i'd recommend Hornsby post office to anyone doing theres anytime soon.

I also seem to have been under the wrong impression that a passport would take like 3 months to come, so i've been stressing a little bit about getting it done, but found out today that it'll be at my place in 3 weeks. How delightful :)

So things are getting done! This wedding is getting closer and closer and im getting more and more excited :)

Thailand, here we come!

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